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Unsung Hero Award Winner

Stanna Musick

Stanna Musick - Summer 2011

We are proud to announce the latest recipient of the “Unsung Hero Award” as being Stanna Musick. Stanna has made it her personal mission to obtain funding for the sending of "Care Packages" to the soldiers who are actively fighting the war in Afghanistan. Mrs. Musick and her squad of helpers have boxed up and sent in excess of 900 car packages to the soldiers in the midst of the combat zone.

Lt. Chris Martin, CHC, USN Task Force 3/3 Chaplain, ends his letter of appreciation to Stanna with these parting words: "Even though our battalion is thousands of miles from home, care packages and letters from home help with the distance. We appreciate your gifts, your support and your prayers.

General James T. Conway, Commandant of the Marine Corps ends his letter to Stanna by extending his "deepest gratitude for your generous efforts and for the contributions of the many folks that donate to this cause. You are truly a remarkable patriot!"

If you are interested in support Mrs. Musick's efforts, you can reach her at (702) 293-5039.

Mrs. Musick, we agree with General Conway, you are indeed a remarkable patriot and Boulder City is a better place to live, work and visit because of the contributions you have made to our community. Thank You!

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