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Unsung Hero Award Winner

Scott Pastore

Ruby Perkins - Fall 2016

Ruby was promoted to Dispatcher Supervisor in 2015 which also included supervision of the Records Department.

Ruby has excelled at reviewing internal processes and policies and has made significant improvements and advancements. As a “Jill-of-all-trades,” Ruby recently become the go to person for coordinating the on-going remodeling at the Police Department. Even though she supervising a number of folks and operations, she will jump right in and cover dispatch duties as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher. When the new Chief needed someone to help facilitate some communications modifications, Ruby was right there and effectively and efficiently took a concept from “thought” to “ready for implementation” weeks ahead of schedule.

Ruby consistently exemplifies the best of the many non-commissioned employees who are “behind the badges” but are critically necessary for our law enforcement officers to be able to do what they are needed to do within our communities. Without them the entire law enforcement operation would quickly grind to a halt. Ruby is certainly a gem for the citizens of Boulder City.

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