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Unsung Hero Award Winner

Geoge and Wanda Rosenbaum

George and Wanda Rosenbaum
- Spring 2014

I cannot think of a better way to start 2014 than recognizing our newest Unsung Heroes – George and Wanda Rosenbaum. George and Wanda not only serve as great role models for young couples, having been married for more than 32 years, they also embody the spirit of the Boulder City Community. They often run specials in their dental practice whereas people can donate food items for Boulder City Emergency Aid or toys for the Salvation Army Angel Tree and receive discount towards their dental care.

George is an active Rotarian having traveled internationally to serve others in need. They are active Salvation Army Bell Ringers, and serve on multiple boards and associations representing their profession and Boulder City! Additionally, George and Wanda are active community servants, often behind the scenes where they fly under the radar, a characteristic shared by many of Boulder City’s Unsung Heroes!

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